Principal Investigator

Prof. Berna Özkale Edelmann

Özkale Edelmann studied Chemical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University for her undergraduate education (2005-2009). She received her Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at ETH Zürich (2009-2011) where she earned her PhD in 2016. She carried out her doctoral work in the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab and focused her research on small scale robotics for biomedical applications. Following her PhD, she briefly worked as a postdoctoral fellow simultaneously at the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab (ETH Zürich) and the MicroBioRobotics Systems Laboratory (EPFL). In 2016, she was awarded with an Early Postdoc Mobility Grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation to conduct her postdoctoral research in the Mooney Lab for Cell and Tissue Engineering at Harvard University (2017-2020). The project centered on engineering microscale actuators for investigating stem cell mechanobiology. Berna Özkale Edelmann joined TUM in 2021 as tenure track Assistant Professor in Nano- and Microrobotics. 

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