Alphabetic list of all professors

  Professor Professorship
becherer Becherer, Markus Chair of Nanoelectronics
biebl Biebl, Erwin Associate Professorship of Microwave Engineering
boche Boche, Holger Chair of Theoretical Information Technology
brederlow Brederlow, Ralf Chair of Circuit Design
buss Buss, Martin Chair of Automatic Control Engineering
chakraborty Chakraborty, Samarjit Chair of Real-Time Computer Systems
chen Chen, Jia Assistant Professorship of Environmental Sensing and Modeling
cheng Cheng, Gordon Chair of Cognitive Systems
diepold Diepold, Klaus Chair of Data Processing
eibert Eibert, Thomas Chair of High Frequency Engineering
gagliardi Gagliardi, Alessio Assistant Professorship of Simulation of Nanosystems for Energy Conversion
guenther Günther, Christoph Chair of Communication and Navigation
20180427_Professorenprofil_Bild_Haddadin Haddadin, Sami Chair of Robotics Science and System Intelligence (Joint Appointment with Department of Informatics)
hamacher Hamacher, Thomas Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
hanik Hanik, Norbert Associate Professorship of  Line Transmission Technology
hayden Hayden, Oliver Chair of Biomedical Electronics
Heckel, Reinhard Professur für Machine Learning
hemmert Hemmert, Werner Associate Professorship of Bio-inspired Information Processing
herkersdorf Herkersdorf, Andreas Chair of Integrated Systems
herzog Herzog, Hans-Georg Associate Professorship of Energy Conversion Technology
hirche Hirche, Sandra Chair of Information-oriented Control
jirauscheck Jirauschek,  Christian Assistant Professorship of Computational Photonics
jossen Jossen, Andreas Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology
kellerer Kellerer, Wolfgang Chair of Communication Networks
kennel Kennel, Ralph Chair of Electrical Drive Systems and Power Electronics
kindersberger Kindersberger, Josef Chair of High Voltage Engineering and Switchgear Technology
koch Koch, Alexander Chair of Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology
kramer Kramer, Gerhard Chair of Communications Engineering
kreupl Kreupl, Franz Associate Professorship of Hybrid Electronic Systems
lee Lee, Dongheui Associate Professorship of Human-centered Assistive Robotics
macke Macke, Jakob Assistant Professorship of Computational Neuroengineering
rigoll Rigoll, Gerhard Chair of Human-Machine Communication
schlichtmann Schlichtmann, Ulf Chair of Electronic Design Automation
schrag Schrag, Gabriele Chair of Physics of Electrotechnology
seeber Seeber, Bernhard Associate Professorship of Audio Information Processing
sigl Sigl, Georg Chair of Security in Information Technology
steinbach Steinbach, Eckehard Chair of Media Technology
steinhorst Steinhorst, Sebastian Assistant Professorship of Embedded Systems and Internet of Things
tornow Tornow, Marc Associate Professorship of Molecular Electronics
utschick Utschick, Wolfgang Associate Professorship of Signal Processing Methods
wachter-zeh Wachter-Zeh, Antonia Assistant Professorship of Coding for Communications and Data Storage
wachutka Wachutka, Gerhard Chair of Physics of Electrotechnology
wagner Wagner, Ulrich Chair of Energy Economy and Application Technology
witzmann Witzmann, Rolf Associate Professorship of Power Transmission Systems
wolfrum Wolfrum, Bernhard Assistant Professorship of Neuroelectronics