Interoperability of Industrial IoT Systems

Internet of Things is about connecting any Thing to the Internet. This implies a wide range of devices with different resource constraints, communication protocols, data structures and more. It essential that we connect this wide range of devices to each other and to the Internet in order to build systems composed of these devices.

Web of Things is a concept to bring interoperability between IoT devices and platforms where devices and their capabilities are described with Thing Descriptions. After understanding another devices capabilities, every device can automatically interact with it and compose systems of devices together, no matter the communication protocol, platform or other constraints.

In this research area, we are taking part in the development of the Thing Description standard at World Wide Web Consortium and looking into automatic system compositions using the Web of Things technologies. Additionally, the software tools are developed under the Eclipse Foundation where we maintain a verification tool.

Web of Things Introduction Video

Web of Things at the API Specifications Conference 2020

Programming for the Web of Things

Publications in this Research Area


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