Tutor and Full Stack Development - IoT Remote Lab

We are looking for a new working student who can assist with the teaching activities of our practical course IoT Remote Lab (course no 0000001175) and help with development of new functionalities of the server such as:

- New Proxy implementations for different protocols

- Implementation of new IoT devices such as robots

- Test automation for correction of the deliverables

- Front-end development (

The tutoring hours are maximum of 2 hours per week. The course is allocated for Thursday 13:15 - 15:30, where the first 6 weeks have lecture for 1 hour. The rest is allocated for a tutor session. There are also emails from the students but these are in average less than 5 per week.

Hours per week: 6h per week budget is allocated for the tutor sessions. More is possible given the skills of the candidate (to match the tasks).

Required Skills

The tutor skills can be learned during the semester but the following are desired:

  • Node.js and Typescript (please check out the node-wot library)
  • JSON and JSON Schema
  • Test automation in Node.js

For the other tasks, a good understanding of server administration is desired. More particularly:

  • Experience with Docker and Docker compose
  • Experience with Node.js and Go
  • Experience with databases
  • (optional) Knowledge of WebRTC
  • Experience with Vue.js

COVID considerations

This course was planned from the scratch as a remote course.

  • The tutor sessions happen remotely but can be done on-site if the conditions allow.
  • None of the planned development requires on-site presence except for some of the device developments. If the student is not able to or does not want to come to the university, they can be arranged to be done at home or postponed.


Please contact Ege Korkan and send your CV.