Network-facing Capability Modeling for Industrial Environments

The topic revolves around the concept of Web of Things (WoT). The Web of Things is being standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium by means of Thing Descriptions (TDs).

The goal of this internship is to apply this standard to our Industrial Demonstrator (shown above) that is composed of devices that are similar to the ones found in the industry.

After modeling and deploying the device-level control logic, the task is to program system-level control algorithms solely using the information found in "vanilla" TDs and showing the possible limitations.

Desired Skills (not mandatory)
  • Experience with JSON, JSON Schema
  • Experience with Node.js or other comparable languages/frameworks
  • Knowledge of control algorithms
  • Experience with IP-based protocols

Contact: You can contact Ege Korkan

Python Simulation Development

We are currently developing a simulation framework for research on resilient, distributed, modular process measurement and control systems.

Within this framework, there are opportunities for students to implement subsystems as part of a research internship. Possible topics could involve:

  • Optimization / Graph-search
  • Data Analysis
  • GUI Development


  • Ability to find solutions and implement them independently
  • Experience with Python 3 


Please apply directly to with your CV, transcript of records, research interests, and possible start dates.

Research Internship: Energy Metering and Accounting in EV Charging Networks with Distributed Systems

This topic will be conducted externally at EcoG GmbH and co-supervised by us and EcoG GmbH.


Note that a very good knowledge of the German language is required in order to fully understand the Eichrechtskonformitae.

For more details, have a look at the attached file. 

If you are interested, send your appliication to Dr. Mohammad Hamad ( and M. Sc. Ege Korkan (