Prof. Chen was named one of Germany's "Top 40 under 40". In this list, the magazine Capital honors the most important talents from business, politics, science and society. [mehr]

Our group has been commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme to use our novel differential column method to study the greenhouse gas emissions of major European cities, in order to determine the influence of the natural gas infrastructure on the rising global... [mehr]

The publication about our column observing greenhouse gas network using five sensor stations in and around Munich deals with the development of our sensor systems and also with the first measurement results after 10 months of operation [mehr]

The publication covers the first study worldwide that determines the methane emission of a big festival. We found that such festivals are significant sources of the potent greenhouse gas methane. However, they are not considered in the state-of-the-art emission inventories so far.... [mehr]

Our paper "Spatial and temporal representativeness of point measurements for nitrogen dioxide pollution levels in cities" is published in ACPD: https://www.atmos-chem-phys-discuss.net/acp-2019-1198/ [mehr]

Our worldwide unique greenhouse gas network has been launched. The network consists of five fully-automated and highly precise FTIR monitoring systems using the sun as light source. It allow us to measure CO2, CH4, CO and NO2 column concentrations throughout the year. The five... [mehr]

In the ZEIT Wissen magazine 5/18 you can find an interesting interview with Prof. Chen about the research of our group and the air quality in cities: https://www.zeit.de/zeit-wissen/2018/05/klima-wetter-luft-himmel-klimawandel-umwelt (so far you have to register for free first... [mehr]

Prof. Chen and our research are featured in Süddeutsche Zeitung. Detektivarbeit für bessere Luft:http://www.sueddeutsche.de/muenchen/sz-serie-muenchen-forscht-folge-detektivarbeit-fuer-bessere-luft-1.3995648 [mehr]

Our paper on our automated sensor system for greenhouse gas monitoring in Munich is published on AMT: https://www.atmos-meas-tech.net/11/2173/2018/amt-11-2173-2018.html [mehr]

Prof. Chen and our research are featured in  "Faszination Forschung - 150 Jahre TUM": Abstract: "Jia Chen is trying to track greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane. The 36-year-old scientist has developed optical sensing and modeling methods that allow... [mehr]