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Wissenschaftliche/Studentische Hilfskraft

Thema/Topic Betreuer/Advisor
Hilfskraft zur Automatisierung unserer Treibhausgasmessungen (Soft- & Hardware)

Florian Dietrich, M. Sc.

Bachelorarbeit / Bachelor thesis

Implementing Complete Satellite Mapping and Its Validation with Ground-based MeasurementsShrutilipi Bhattacharjee
Prediction of Urban Heat Islands by Modeling LST and CO2Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jia Chen / Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee
Validation and Application of Satellite Measurements OCO-2 (XCO2 and SIF)Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jia Chen / Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee
Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Simulation in Munich using WRF-GHG Model Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jia Chen / Xinxu Zhao
Electronic laser driver for high accuracy gas measurementProf. Dr.-Ing. Jia Chen / Lijuan Lan
Implementing STILT model for Spatial Interpolation of CO2Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jia Chen / Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee



Finished Master & Bachelor Theses

Finished Master Theses
Conception and Design of an Automated Enclosure for a Solar Tracking Fourier Transform Infrared SpectrometerHeinle, Ludwig
Software Automation of EM27/SUN and Source Map Creation for MunichAigner, Patrick
Data Analysis and Application of Compact Low-Resolution Fourier Transform SpectrometerNguyen, Duc-Hai
Entwicklung eines Daimler Umweltstandards: Weltweit anwendbare Risikominimierungsanforderungen für den Umgang mit Luftemissionen. Vermeidung – Kontrolle – Überwachung/Development of a Daimler environmental standard: Worldwide applicable risk minimization requirements for handling emissions to air. Prevent – Control – MonitorBarretto Ramirez, Ivonne Alexandra
Cavity Attenuated Pase Shift Spectroscopy for Nox MeasurementBowen Li
Hardware Design for a TDLAS Measurement SystemJagadeesh Kumar
Development of a Two-Stage Model for Sequential Raw and Tailpipe Emission EstimationRoland Schmid
The Development of a new method for power plant CO2 emission assessment from column measurements (XCO2) using computational fluid dynamics simulationsNathan Gibbs
New Method of Diesel Particulate Matter Estimation with Nox to BC CorrelationEva Luu
Data Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Column Measurements in MunichAhmad Nouri
Greenhouse Gas Concentrations in Berlin - Comparison of Measurements and Simulations for better UnderstandingShuyao Zhao
Development of an independent UAV payload electronics for real-time capable direct georeferencing of camera images involving gimbal orientation dataJonas Scharpf
Development of a Portable Automated Enclosure for a Spectrometer and a Measurement Campaign ConceptFlorian Dietrich
Regional comparison of OCO-2, GOSAT and TCCON over urban metropolitan regionsVeronika Ruisinger
Simulation of light scattering by spray water from vehiclesHongquan Wang
Theoretical and Experimental Characterization of the Transfer Behavior of an Avalance Photodiode-based Signal Chain with Resprect to LinearityJan Krecke
Prediction of CO2 Concentration of OCO2 by Combining Estimation Inventory InformationParham Kouloubandi
Development of a Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Platform for Smart City ApplicationsJakub Idzik
Assessment of the Differential Column Method for City and Point Source Emitter MeasurementMichael Wedrat


Finished Bachelor Theses
Verifikation und Applikation von OCO-2 Satellitenmessungen/Validation and Application of OCO-2 Satellite MeasurementsJohannes Paetzold
Messungen und Analyse der atmosphärischen Säulenkonzentrationen von Treibhausgasen in München/Measurements and Analysis of Atmospheric Column Concentrations of Greenhouse Gases in MunichDuy-Long Le
Raspberry Pie Weather StationYi Xuan Teo
Entwicklung einer Wetterstation zur Ansteuerung eines intelligenten Messgehäuses/Development of a weather station controlling a smart enclosure for urban greenhouse gas monitoringValtl, Jakob
Cavity Attenuated Phase-Shift SpectroscopyForstmaier, Andreas
Use of Camera tracking for support of the analysis of column measurement (XCO2) dataDavid Lang
Data Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Column Measurement in Urban Area of MunichSiravanjani
Bottom-up traffic CO2 emissions estimated in Munich City Center (Altstadt)Dora Bali
Impact of Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy Data on Methane Retrieval from SCIAMACHY and _OSAT Shortave Infrared SpectraHaoran Xu
Urban Geometry Generalization for CFD simulations of Gas Dispersion: Comparison with Gaussian Plume ModelCarla Pregel
Semantic kriging based prediction of Land surface temperature using CO2 driftJoselyn Swathiga
Bottom-Up Estimation of Road Traffic Carbon Dioxide Emissions on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich based on Traffic Sensor DataHelena Hahne
Measurement of Illuminance for Cloud InformationStephan Pellegrino
Building a Toxic Gas Measurement Sensor Circuit Emre Özbas
Investigation of Low-Power Indoor Air Quality Sensors and their Integration in Embedded Systems with Wireless Communication Alexander Mayer