CoC Neuro-Engineering Networking Workshop

On April 19, 2018 we had our last CoC networking meeting. 


Introductory remarks by Prof. Gordon Cheng
Chair for Cognitive Systems (TUM)

Prof. Ilona Grunwald Kadow
Neuronal Circuits and Metabolism, School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan (TUM)
"Asking the fly to reveal neural network principles underlying behavior"

Prof. Markus Ploner
Heisenberg Professor of Human Pain Research, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine (TUM)
"Neuroengineering approaches to the understanding, diagnosis and therapy of pain"

Prof. Bernhard Wolfrum
Neuroelectronics, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (TUM)
"On-chip stimulation of cardiac networks"

Prof. Stefan Glasauer
Center for Sensorimotor Research, Department of Neurology (LMU)
"Probabilistic modeling to understand human perception in health and disease"

Short presentations of MSNE students: (4x5min)

  • Mohammad Bashiri – "The Effect of Non-invasive Deep Brain Stimulation Using Temporal Interference: A Computational Study"
  • Abdallah Alashqar – "Slow Oscillation Detection in Rat's Entorhinal Cortex"
  • Steffen Schneider – "Domain Adaptation in Brains and Machines"
  • Nicolas Berberich – "An Apprenticeship Learning Approach based on Aristotelian Virtue Ethics for building Moral Machines"

Networking: poster presentations and live demos, have a look around and enjoy snacks

This year’s CoC Neuroengineering networking meeting was accompanied by the MSNE Summit of the Elite Master Program in Neuroengineering launched in October 2016. In short talks and poster presentations, the MSNE students presented their research projects. By joining the events, we aimed to foster exchange and networking among CoC associates and the MSNE cohort.