M.Eng. Matteo Pantano

Siemens Corporate Technology
Manufacturing and Material Processes
Otto Hahn Ring 6, 81739 München

Office hours: Please send e-mail in advance.

E-mail: matteo.pantano@siemens.com


Short Biography

Matteo Pantano received a Master of Engineering in Automation and IT from the Technische Universität Köln (TH Köln) in 2019. Mr. Pantano has worked in the project Rovitis 4.0 for research and project management of autonomous viticulture (Az. Agricola Bottin Grazia). Currently, Mr. Pantano is a PhD candidate in the field of Human centred robotics at Technische Universität München and Siemens AG. His research focus is in operator knowledge management and human integration in manufacturing.

Research Interests

Human Robot Collaboration, Operator Knowledge management, wearables, Industrie 4.0, IoT, IIoT


Conference papers

  1. Pantano, Matteo et al. A human-cyber-physical system approach to lean automation using an industrie 4.0 reference architecture, Manuscript submitted for publication, 2020.

Master Thesis

Pantano, Matteo. Design of a Cyber-Physical System for flexible Human Robot Collaboration, 2019.