Antennas and Wave Propagation


The Online-Course will be offered via the online-Tool Zoom (possibly in addition with other media). Please note that the schedule of the Online Sessions is different from the originally planned classroom sessions:

Mo. 15.30 - 17.00
Fr.   16.30 - 18.00

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration5 SWS
TermSommersemester 2020
Language of instructionEnglish
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Antenna basics: Far-field and circuit properties; Wave propagation: deterministic and empirical methods based on far-field considerations, ray-tracing including reflections and diffractions; Electromagnetic concepts: Maxwell equations, Radiation from sources, Huygens' and reciprocity principles; Utilization of electromagnetic concepts and numerical methods for analysis and design of antennas; Hertzian and Fitzgerald dipoles, wire antennas, aperture antennas, printed antennas, ultra-wideband antennas, antenna arrays, leaky-wave antennas; Antenna applications;