Important Information!

Due to the recommendation of TUM's crisis task force, the ICS will no longer be open.

We kindly asked all students and visitors to respect this. This regulation will be in place until April 20th, 2020 and until further notice.

All detailed information is available on TUM's website:

Institute for Cognitive Systems

The Institute for Cognitive Systems deals with the fundamental understanding and creation of cognitive systems.

As our research interests fall in line with the notion of "Understanding through Creating", three essential aspects motivate our approach [Cheng et. al. 2007; Cheng 2014]:

  • In Engineering - Engineers can gain a great deal of understanding through the studies of biological systems, which can provide guiding principles for developing sophisticated and robust artificial systems;
  • Scientifically - Building of a human-like machine and the reproduction of human-like behaviours can in turn teach us more about how humans deal with the world, and the plausible mechanisms involved.
  • For society - In turn we will gain genuine knowledge toward the development of systems that can better serve our society.


Eine kurze deutsche Beschreibung des Lehrstuhls gibt es hier zum Download.

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