The paper "Plantar Tactile Feedback for Biped Balance and Locomotion on Unknown Terrain" in the International Journal of Humanoid Robotics by J. Rogelio Guadarrama​, Emmanuel Dean​, Florian Bergner and Gordon Cheng​ has now been published online. This work introduces a new... [mehr]

Congratulations to Zied Tayeb and Gordon Cheng, as well as their collaborators from the National University of Singapore, the  University of Houston, the University of Pittsburgh  and the Johns Hopkins University as their paper "Decoding of Pain Perception using EEG Signals for a... [mehr]

The paper "EO-MTRNN: evolutionary optimization of hyperparameters for a neuro-inspired computational model of spatiotemporal learning" by Erhard Wieser and Gordon Cheng has been published in Biological Cybernetics. For spatiotemporal learning with neural networks, hyperparameters... [mehr]

Event Information: Proceedings of the IEEE Webinar on Flexible Electronic Skin with Porf. Gordon Cheng This free webinar will provide an overview of various sub-topics of electronic skin discussed in the October 2019 Proceedings special issue, "Flexible Electronic Skin: From... [mehr]

Doctoral Research Seminar: "Error-related potentials in passive brain-computer interfaces for quantitative assessment and adaptation of robotic systems during human-robot interaction" by Stefan Ehrlich, ICS/TUM. Abstract: The development of robotic systems for interaction with... [mehr]