The robotic skin has been featured in a the BBC Arabic news with an interview with Prof. Gordon Cheng. If you would like to watch it, it starts around minute 12: [mehr]

Congratulations to Prof. Gordon Cheng and his collaborators Prof. David Franklin and Prof. Takao Someya! Their joint paper "Nanomesh pressure sensor for monitoring finger manipulation without sensory interference" has been published in the Scinece magazine. Scientists from the... [mehr]

Scientists Meet Scientists – Wednesday Coffee Talk by Prof. Dr. Gordon Cheng on "Solving Hard Problems with Neuroengineering: Sensitive Robots are Safer" Tomorrow, November 11h at 13h, Prof Gordon Cheng will give a presentation on "Solving Hard Problems with Neuroengineering:... [mehr]

We are happy to announce that the article has now been published: Luke E Osborn, Keqin Ding, Mark A Hays, Rohit Bose, Mark M Iskarous, Andrei Dragomir, Zied Tayeb, György M Lèvay, Christopher L Hunt, Gordon Cheng, Robert S Armiger, Anastasios Bezerianos, Matthew S Fifer, Nitish V... [mehr]

Congratulations to Prof. Gordon Cheng and Zied Tayeb, their collaborative paper has been accepted in the Journal of Neural Engineering. This work is a collaboration between Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory, Technical University of Munich, and the National... [mehr]