Doctoral Research Seminar on "Playing ball-in-the-cup with model-based and model-free methods on a Kuka robot" by Simon Armleder, ICS/TUM Abstract: First, I will talk about model-based and model-free learning algorithms for dynamic and high-speed tasks such as the game ball in... [mehr]

Doctoral Research Seminar on "Introduction to Haptic Systems" by Dr. John Nassour, ICS/TUM Abstract: I present an introduction to haptics systems. I am starting from the human sense of touch and kinesthesia sense. Then I present the haptic illusions that play a crucial role in... [mehr]

Happy Holidays

The Institute for Cognitive Systems wishes everybody a merry Christmas, much happiness and optimism at the turn of the year and good fortune and success in the New Year 2022! [mehr]

This is the title of a documentary that shows how realistic partnerships between humans and robots really are and where research is today. Robotic skin as a way of interacting is one of the topics on which Prof. Gordon Cheng​ is interviewed about.  "Wie realistisch Roboter als... [mehr]

Research Seminar on "Ink-Jet Printed Ion Sensors" by Eva-Maria Korek from the Chair of Circuit Design (Prof. Brederlow). Abstract: Ions play an important role in life science, environmental science, and many other areas of our life. Measuring ion concentrations enables us to... [mehr]