Doctoral Research Seminar on "The temporal-spectral role of monkey’s auditory cortex during passive listening to self and non-self generation songs", by Alireza Malekmohammadi, ICS/TUM. Abstract: Several studies mentioned that there is a vivid link between sound representation... [mehr]

Prof. Gordon Cheng is one of the organisers of the ICRA 2021 ViTac workshop, which will take place online on Friday, June 4th, 9h (GMT+00). This workshop aims to put the visuo-tactile perception under the spotlight by investigating the current trends and providing guidance... [mehr]

Doctoral Research Seminar on "Task and motion planning using object-centered predicates and action contexts" by Dr. Alejandro Agostini, HCR/TUM. Abstract: Task and motion planning (TAMP) frameworks use an abstract representation of physical changes with actions, encoded into... [mehr]

Dancing with a robot - this is the new video on our YouTube-Channel to the paper "Whole-Body Multicontact Haptic Human–Humanoid Interaction Based on Leader–Follower Switching: A Robot Dance of the “Box Step”. Kobayashi, T., Dean-Leon, E., Guadarrama-Olvera, J.R., Bergner, F. and... [mehr]

Due to the corona pandemic, a traditional graduation ceremony at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in presence was not possible. Therefore, the department organised a virtual graduation ceremony with recorded congratulation speeches of the Vice President, the... [mehr]