We warmly congratulate our colleague Dr. John Nassour for successfully completing his habilitation! He gave his online lecture to complete the habilitation process this week. [mehr]

This article in ZDNet on skin for robots and why its developement is not so easy features Prof. Gordon Cheng and robotic skin developed at ICS. [mehr]

 Congratulations to our colleagues Quentin Leboutet, Julio Rogelio Guadarrama-Olvera, Gordon Cheng and their French collaborators Julien Roux and Alexandre Janot. Their paper "Inertial Parameter Identification in Robotics: A Survey" has been accepted for publication in the... [mehr]

Congratulations to John Nassour, Nicholas Tacca, Erjiage Guan, and Gordon Cheng! Their paper "Development of a wearable modular IMU sensor network suit with a distributed vibrotactile feedback for on-line movement guidance" has been accepted for the 2021 IEEE/ASME International... [mehr]

Doctoral Research Seminar on "Efficient Realization of Large-Area E-Skin based on Biologically Plausible Principles" by Florian Bergner, ICS.   Abstract: The skin allows humans to interact with their surroundings safely. Despite the importance of skin to provide feedback for... [mehr]