Congratulations to our colleagues, whose papers got accepted at the IROS 2020! Quentin Leboutet, Florian Bergner, Gordon Cheng: "Online Configuration Selection for Redundant Arrays of Inertial Sensors: Application to Robotic Systems Covered with a Multimodal Artificial Skin" ... [mehr]

ICS, HCR Doctoral Research Seminar on: "Textile-Based Soft Wearable Actuators" by Dr. John Nassour, ICS Abstract: The usage of textile-based soft materials for building robots overcomes the problem of rigid contacts with the human body. How can robots be efficient and embedded... [mehr]

Doctoral Research Seminar (ICS/HCR) on: "Haptic shared control for enhanced user comfort in robotic telemanipulation" by Rahaf Rahal,IRISA / Inria Rennes, visiting researcher at HCR/TUM. Abstract: Haptic shared control enables a human operator and an autonomous controller to... [mehr]

Doctoral Research Seminar ICS, HCR on "Assessment of a novel sensor for human sensing" by Dr. Sae Franklin, ICS We have developed a force sensor as a new type of pressure sensor to observe human object manipulation. I will introduce the basic structure and the mechanism of this... [mehr]

Congratulations to Dr. Shunki Itadera, all of our colleagues and their colaborators for having received a 2019 Honorable Mention from the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters for their paper “Predictive Optimization of Assistive Force in Admittance Control-Based Physical... [mehr]