Attentional orienting towards others’ gaze direction or pointing has been well investigated in laboratory conditions. However, less is known about the operation of attentional mechanisms in online naturalistic social interaction scenarios. It is equally plausible that following... [mehr]

Two papers of ICS members have been accepted by the journal IEEE Transactions on Medical Robotics and Bionics (T-MRB) and will be published in the next issue. "Calibration-Free Error-Related Potential Decoding with Adaptive Subject-Independent Models: A Comparative Study”,... [mehr]

ICS/HCR Doctoral Research Seminar on: "The Robot as Scientist: Using Mental Simulation to Test Causal Hypotheses Extracted from Human Activities in Virtual Reality" by Constantin Uhde, ICS/TUM Abstract: To act effectively in its environment, a cognitive robot needs to understand... [mehr]

Title: Plantar Tactile Feedback For Biped Balance And Locomotion On Unknown Terrain by Julio Rogelio Guadarrama Olvera, ICS/TUM Abstract: This work introduces a new sensing system for biped robots based on plantar robot skin, which provides not only the resultant forces applied... [mehr]

Five Students of the Master in Neuroengineering study program (MSNE) won the BCI-Challenge in the 2020 edition of IEEE Brain virtual Hackathon.  Within a 24h Hackathon, the students (Eric Ceballos Dominguez, Jin Hwa Lee, Ashish Rao Mangalore, Svea Marie Meyer und... [mehr]