Doctoral research seminar on: "Textile-Based Soft Wearable Actuators"

ICS, HCR Doctoral Research Seminar on: "Textile-Based Soft Wearable Actuators" by Dr. John Nassour, ICS

Abstract: The usage of textile-based soft materials for building robots overcomes the problem of rigid contacts with the human body. How can robots be efficient and embedded inside what we wear at the same time? We investigate two types of textile-based wearable actuators: an enfolded inflatable textile actuator and an online programmable actuator. The fist shows significant performance in assisting human motion (hand and elbow). The second shows flexible and versatile behaviors: bending, twisting, elongation. It can also be used as two sections to provide more complex behaviors. The proposed actuators provide insights for wearable assistive clothing.

June 29th, 11-12am