Doctoral Research Seminar on "Assessment of a novel sensor for human sensing"

Doctoral Research Seminar ICS, HCR on "Assessment of a novel sensor for human sensing" by Dr. Sae Franklin, ICS

We have developed a force sensor as a new type of pressure sensor to observe human object manipulation. I will introduce the basic structure and the mechanism of this new device and then show how little this sensor will affect the sense of human touch. In order to quantitatively measure the effect of this sensor, we conducted two experiments – grip force measurement and friction test. We used 8 different materials and 4 different weight conditions with a randomized order. This new methodology provides a major advance in monitoring human interaction forces during object manipulation. With this novel force sensor, we are able to measure actions that we have never able to observe – now we will be able to know how much pressure your finger tip applies to check the ripeness of a tomato or to pick up a delicious Turkish delight.