New publication online available in "Sensors" special issue

Congratulations to Florian Bergner, Emmanuel Dean​-Leon and Gordon Cheng​!

Their paper: "Design and Realization of an Efficient Large-Area Event-Driven E-Skin" has been published in Sensors as part of the Special Issue Neuromorphic Computing for Event-Based Sensors and Actuators and is now available online.

The sense of touch enables us to safely interact and control our contacts with our surroundings. Many technical systems and applications could profit from a similar type of sense. Yet, despite the emergence of e-skin systems covering more extensive areas, large-area realizations of e-skin effectively boosting applications are still rare. Recent advancements have improved the deployability and robustness of e-skin systems laying the basis for their scalability. However, the upscaling of e-skin systems introduces yet another challenge—the challenge of handling a large amount of heterogeneous tactile information with complex spatial relations between sensing points. We targeted this challenge and proposed an event-driven approach for large-area skin systems.

Bergner F, Dean-Leon E, Cheng G. Design and Realization of an Efficient Large-Area Event-Driven E-Skin. Sensors. 2020; 20(7):1965.