Foto von Nicolas Berberich

M.Sc. Nicolas Berberich

Technische Universität München

Lehrstuhl für Kognitive Systeme (Prof. Cheng)


Karlstraße 45/II
80333 München

Research interests

After having done a B.Sc. and a M.Sc. in “Electrical Engineering and Information Technology” at TUM, I specialized in robotics and AI within the "Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence" master program (TUM), a student internship at Siemens Corporate Technology, the Roboy student team and during a semester abroad at NTU in Singapore. Working in these fields raised many ethical questions about the opportunities and risks of advanced technologies in society as well as the principles of human machine interaction and the human mind. To find answers to these questions I joined the master program "Philosophy of Science and Technology" at the Munich Center for Technology in Society.After finding some answers, but even more new (research) questions - especially with respect to the role of neuroscience in AI and robotics - I've joined the “Neuroengineering” master program (TUM, supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria) where I've been a student representative for two years.

As of October 2018, I'm a PhD student at the Graduate School for Systemic Neurosciences at LMU. My thesis advisory committee consists of Prof. Dr. Gordon Cheng (primary supervisor), Prof. Dr. Klaus Mainzer and Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller. As of December 2018, I'm a research and teaching assistant at the Institute for Cognitive Systems at TUM.



My main interests lie in the intersections of Robotics/AI, Neuroscience/Cognitive Science and Philosophy/Ethics such as:

• cognitive assistive systems

• robotics, AI and neuroengineering in care and rehabilitation

• educational technology and philosophy

• AI ethics and humanistic socio-technical systems

• systems engineering and value-sensitive design

• computational and cognitive neuroscience


Recent Awards and Fellowships:

• 2019: Scholarship by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes) and RIKEN for a 6-month research stay with Prof. Dr. Toyoaki Nishida, Human-AI communication team at RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, Kyoto/Japan

• 2018: Best Poster Award at "Interdisciplinary College" (Spring School on AI, Neuroscience and Robotics): "VirtuousAI: An Apprenticeship Learning Approach for Building Moral Machines" - work with Prof. Klaus Diepold

• 2017-2018: SmartStart Fellowship by the Bernstein Network for Computational Neuroscience

• 2015-2018: Scholarship by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes)



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  • Melanie Tschiersch, Mariia Popova, Nicolas Berberich, Stefan K. Ehrlich, David Franklin, Gordon Cheng: A bump-attractor spiking neural network for motor learning based on Norepinephrine release. FENS2020 2020Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) mehr… BibTeX