Advanced Seminar Robotics, Automation and Control (Advanced seminar)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermSommersemester 2020
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By participating in this module course the student gains knowledge in control, robotics and automation. After the participation the student is capable to work in a scientific way on a topic of recent research interest in control, robotics and automation and to write a written scientific report. Furthermore, the student has the abilities to present the new findings to an audience of specialists.


Varying focus topics on robotics, automation and control, in particular learning, hybrid control, human robot interaction, highly dynamic control, identification, intelligent control, nonlinear and optimal control.

Teaching and learning methods

Every participant works on an individual topic. The main focus is on the student's individual work. In dependence of the particular topic, an advisor is assigned to the participant. The advisor helps the student in particular in the beginning of the course by giving him an introduction to the topic, providing appropriate literature and support for the research work as well as the preparing the written report and the oral presentation.

Recommended literature

Die erforderlichen Literaturstellen werden themenabhängig zur Verfügung gestellt.