Adaptive and Predictive Control ()

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration4 SWS
TermSommersemester 2017
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At the end of the module students are able to design and configure adaptive and predictive controllers. A deep understanding of fundametal principles and synthesis approaches for adaptive and predictive control is conveyed.


Introduction into adaptive and predictive control principles. - Online parameter estimation and adaptive observers. Model refrence adaptive control; adaptive pol placement; iterative learning control; gain scheduling; robust adaptive control. - Linear model-predictive control; generalized model-predictive control; adaptive and robust MPC. - Nonlinear MPC; stability; efficient numerical algorithms. -Applications.


Fundamentals of control engineering The following modules should be complete before participation: Control systems 1


written, 90 min

Recommended literature

K.J. Astrom, B. Wittenmark: Adaptive Control, 1995 E.F. Camacho, C. Bordons: Model Predictive Control, 2004 J.M. Maciejowski: Predictive Control with Constraints, 2001.