Robot Control Laboratory (Practical course)

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2016/17
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The module is offered to supplement and deepen the theory results learned in the module "Introduction to Robot Control". After completing the module, students will be able to understand basic algorithms of robot control in detail und to apply them to new problems also in practical implementation. This holds for realization in simulation and for real robots.


The laboratory consists of experiments on the following topics: basic programming skills for robot programming, kinematics and inverse kinematics of robot manipulators, dynamics of robot manipulators, robot control, practical evaluation for a three-link SCARA robot


Regelungssysteme 1, Einführung in die Roboterregelung

Teaching and learning methods

Control Systems 1, Introduction to Robot Control



Recommended literature

Lecture Notes Einführung in die Roboterregelung