Control Systems 1 ()

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration5 SWS
TermSommersemester 2017
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he students will be familiar with fundamental concepts of control engineering and be capable of conceiving and implementing controllers by themselves. Furthermore, the students will gain deeper insight on dynamic systems and their behavior.


Basics of open loop and closed loop control, automation in technical and nontechnical systems.- Modeling, linearization and linear systems.- Time response of linear dynamic systems.-Standard dynamic system components, Time-delay systems.-Stability of LTI systems, criterions of stability.- Basics of control and standard controllers.- Frequency domain stability analysis, Nyquist- and Bodeplots.- Control design and methods for tuning.- Structural extensions of the basic single control loop, controller cascades.- State feedback control, Linear-quadratic control, Observer design.- Digital Implementation of control and filter algorithms.- Basics of control theory for discrete event systems, finite automata, language of automata, petri-net modelling, coordination of parallel controllers.- Control and automation technology.- Application examples.


Fundamentals of mathematics, especially dynamic systems, as taught in the lectures for higher mathematics


The module grade is determined by the final exam. The exam evaluates, if students are able to transfer the methods of system analysis and controller design they have learned in the lecture and practiced in the tutorial to new problems also in limited time. This is evaluated by solving exercise problems. In addition, by answering short questions it is evaluated if students gained a deepened understanding of the methods. written, 90 min

Recommended literature

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