Vorträge am 19.11.21

Abschlussseminar am Freitag, den 19.11.2021 um 09:00 via Zoom:


  1. Uncertainty Quantification in Image Classification for Automatic License Plate Recognition
    Vortragender: Kyle Hiroyasu
    Betreuer: Diepold/Peter Park
  2. Self-Supervised Learning of Object Parts for Semantic Segmentation
    Vortragender: Adrian Ziegler
    Betreuer: Jonas Kerber (PINA)/Prof. Diepold
  3. Does Truth Lie in the Eye of the Beholder? Computer Supported Collaboration for the Segmentation of a Large Medical Image Dataset
    Vortragender: Stefan Su
    Betreuer: Alice Hein, Stefan Röhrl
  4. Image analysis method for blood cell aggregation in COVID-19 and sepsis
    Vortragender: David Fresacher
    Betreuer: Christian Klenk (LBE), Stefan Röhrl
  5. Causal Regularization in Deep Learning Using the Average Causal Effect
    Vortragende: Kathrin Khadra
    Betreuer: Matthias Kissel
  6. An Autoencoder based Efficient Feature Extractor for Noisy Industrial Data
    Vortragende: Paul Subarnaduti
    Betreuer: Mohamed-Ali Tnani
  7. Deep Learning Based Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles
    Vortragende: Pei-Yi Lin
    Betreuer: Stefan Matthes (fortiss)