Name   Aufgabe / Task    
ACHTNER, Martin   Masterarbeit: Investigation of Genetic Algorithm (GA) Implementations for hardware Learning Classifier Systems (LCTs)    
BLIZNYUK, Artem   Tutor: Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik I    
BRAHMADEVARA, Sai Varun   Masterarbeit: Exploring the Dynamicity of Region Based Cache Coherence for Distributed Shared Memory MPSoCs on an FPGA Prototype    
BULLOCK, Stephen   Forschungspraxis: Implementing Smart Replacement Policies for Caches    
DARWIN, Leonardo Davinci   Forschungspraxis: Implementing Smart Eviction Policies for Directories in Gem5    
EHM, Maximilian   Masterarbeit: Design and Implementation of a DMA Controller in a Network Interface for a Fault-Tolerant Hybrid Network on Chip    
HÖLZL, Jakob   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
JANTALIA, Joao   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
KAYANDE, Yadhnyaseni   Forschungsprayis: Design of a AHB-Bus Interface for Autonomic Elements enabling Self-Awareness to MPSoCs    
KIRF, Jonas   Werkstudent: Integration of an Advanced Algorithm for Dynamic Data Migration    
KLAJD, Zyla   Werkstudent: Implementation of a Self-aware MPSoC Platform for Research on Cross-layer Resource Management    
KÖRNER, Peter   Forschungspraxis: Optimization and Evaluation of an Advanced Dynamic Task Migration Scheme    
LANG, Emily   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
LENKE, Oliver   Werkstudent: Implementation of Advanced Graphcopy Features and the Development of a Testsuite    
LENZ, Nino   Tutor: Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik I    
LIU, Chang   Tutor: Multi-Criteria Optimization and Decision Analysis for Embedded Systems Design    
MANSOUR, Mostafa   Forschungspraxis: Exploring Alternative Coherence Protocols for Region-based Cache Coherence on an FPGA Prototype    
MARTIN, Lars   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
MEIDINGER, Michael   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
MOLL, Johannes   Tutor: Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik I    
MONTOYA RENDON, Miguel   Forschungspraxis: Extending RBCC to Global Memory and Evaluation Smart Eviction Policies for Sparse Directories on a FPGA Prototype    
MÜNCH, Martin   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
NASSUA, Philipp   Tutor: IC Design    
NÖPPEL, Jens   Tutor: VHDL    
OCKENFUSS, Philipp   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
PENG, Li-Yu   Forschungspraxis: False-Sharing Resolution: A Hardware Mechanism to Detect & Resolve False-Sharing for Region Based Cache Coherence    
PÖPPEL, Patrick   Werkstudent:    
RINDERER, Lukas   Tutor: Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik I    
SABIROV, Temur   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
SALIHU, Driton   Werkstudent: Optimizing Binarization of Convolutional Neural Networks Using Metaheuristics    
SCHRÖDER, Jonas   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
STELZER, Tobias   Tutor: DS2    
TRAUNER, Alexander   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
TRIGUI, Amal   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
van KEMPEN, Philipp   Werkstudent: Fakultät NAS    
WÖRMANN, Benedict   Tutor: Digitaltechnik    
YU, Shaofeng   Masterarbeit: FPGA-Based Cell Detection for Digital Holographic Microsccopy