Name   Aufgabe / Task    
BADAWY, Mohamed   Werkstudent: Benchmarking CNNs on Hardware Accelerator for Embedded Applications    
BLOCK, Sebastian   Werkstudent:    
CASTELVERO, Lorenzo   Master: Power Modeling on FPGA for Approximate Computing    
di GIOIA, Allesandro   Master: Efficient Instruction Set Architecture for Convolutional Neural Network Accelerators    
EHM, Maximilian   Masterarbeit: Design and Implementation of a DMA Controller in a Network Interface for a Fault-Tolerant Hybrid Network on Chip    
HÖRMANN, Markus   Bachelorarbeit: Multicore Power State Protection    
HUSSEIN, Eslam   Werkstudent:Exploring a Hybrid Eviction Policy for Caches on a FPGA Prototype    
KIRF, Jonas   Werkstudent: Integration of an Advanced Algorithm for Dynamic Data Migration    
LENKE, Oliver   Masterarbeit: A comparison and analysis of computer architectures    
MANSOUR, Mostafa   Masterarbeit: Evaluating Shared Memory Workloads on a DSM-based MPSoC using Region Based Cache Coherence    
MATVEEV, Yacov   Werkstudent: Sniper-based simulation for NoC-based MPSoCs with LCT extension    
MONTOYA, Miguel   Masterarbeit: Exploring Hybrid Replacement Policies for Caches on a FPGA Prototype    
NOLTE, Lars   Masterarbeit: Analyzing Concepts for improving inter-process Communication on hetergeneous multicore Architectures    
SALIHU, Driton   Werkstudent: Optimizing Binarization of Convolutional Neural Networks Using Metaheuristics    
SCHEDLER, Samuel   Forschungspraxis: Evolutionary Functional Approximation of Digital Circuits    
SCHIECHEL, Adrian   Forschungspraxis: Design and Implementation of a Statistics Surveillance Module for an MPSoC Demonstrator System    
van KEMPEN, Philipp   Werkstudent: Fakultät NAS    
YUAN, Bo-Wen   Bachelorarbeit: Multicore Power Forecasting using Elman Neural Networks    
YU, Shaofeng   Masterarbeit: FPGA-Based Cell Detection for Digital Holographic Microsccopy    
ZHANG, Yizhe   Bachelorarbeit: Multicor Power Forecasting using LST M    
ZHENG, Zidan   Werkstudent: HW/SW Codesign Erweiterung