Forschungspraxen / MSCE Research Internships

Offene Arbeiten

Forschungspraxis (Research Internship)

Porting of an MPSoC Demonstrator System onto a New FPGA-Board

Implementation of a Pedestrian Detection Algorithm for a Fail-Operational Demonstrator System

Design and Implementation of a Statistics Surveillance Module for an MPSoC Demonstrator System

Laufende Arbeiten

Forschungspraxis (Research Internship)

Design and Implementation of a Traffic Generator Module for a Hybrid Network on Chip

Exploring Alternative Coherence Protocols for Region-based Cache Coherence on an FPGA Prototype

False-Sharing Resolution: A Hardware Mechanism to Detect & Resolve False-Sharing for Region Based Cache Coherence

Implementing Smart Eviction Policies for Directories in Gem5