to PD Dr. Carmen Mas Machuca for her presentation on "Resilience and Security in Software Defined Networking" at the NATO IST-153 Workshop 2017. [mehr]

Mikhail Vilgelm together with his co-authors Sergio Rueda and Wolfgang Kellerer received the 2017 Best Student Paper Award in Track 2 for their paper "Enhancing Cellular M2M Random Access with Binary Countdown Contention Resolution" at the 28th edition of the IEEE International... [mehr]

Taylan Sahin, Markus Klügel, Cahn Zhou and Wolfgang Kellerer received the 2017 Best Paper Award for their paper "Multi-User-Centric Virtual Cell Operation for V2X Communications in 5G Networks" at the 2017 IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking, Helsinki,... [mehr]

Feierliche Verabschiedung von Hon.-Prof. Dr. Ernst J. Feicht in seiner letzten Vorlesung an der TUM am 27. Juli 2017 [mehr]

"Putting advanced 5G network slicing into practice!" - GitHub repo for HyperFLEX: github.com/tum-lkn/HyperFLEX [mehr]

On June 21, 2017 the TUM Center of Competence Communications (CoC COM) held its first "Industry Day" for its industrial partners. Over 60 invited guests attended this event and turned the Vorhoelzer Forum of TUM in a very crowded place. More details can be found here. For... [mehr]

Aktuelle Publikationen

  • Müller, Jasper; Patri, Sai Kireet; Fehenberger, Tobias; Mas-Machuca, Carmen; Griesser, Helmut; Elbers, Jörg-Peter: A QoT Estimation Method using EGN-assisted Machine Learning for Network Planning Applications. 2021 European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC), 2021 mehr…
  • Shariati, B.; Pedreno-Manresa, J. J.; Dochhan, A.; Muqaddas, A. S.; Casellas, R.; González de Dios, O.; Canto, L. L.; Lent, B.; López de Vergara, J. E.; López-Buedo, S.; Moreno, F. J.; Pavón, P.; Velasco, L.; Patri, S.; Giorgetti, A.; Cugini, F.; Sgambelluri, A.; Nejabati, R.; Simeonidou, D.; Braun, R.-P.; Autenrieth, A.; Elbers, J.-P.; Fischer, J. K.; Freund, R.: A Latency-Aware Real-Time Video Surveillance Demo: Network Slicing for Improving Public Safety. 2021 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 2021 mehr…
  • Cho, Joo Yeon; Pedreno-Manresa, Jose-Juan; Patri, Sai Kireet; Sergeev, Andrew; Elbers, Jörg-Peter; Griesser, Helmut; White, Catherine; Lord, Andrew: Demonstration of Software-defined Key Management for Quantum Key Distribution Network. 2021 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), 2021 mehr…