Netzsicherheit in Unternehmen und Behörden basierend auf Software Defined Networking

Funding Agency:BMBF
Duration:3 years, 01.03.2015-30.06.2018
Partners:Universität Würzburg, Genua GmbH, Infosim GmbH
Contact:Raphael Durner (

Scope of Project

Virtualized Systems are increasingly adopted also in Campus Networks. They promise significant increases in the efficiency of the complete IT. On the other hand the conversion from physical to virtual systems is also a challenge for IT-Security: E.g. without a clear network edges the separation of access rights and data gets increasingly difficult. In the SarDine projects new security solutions that address these challenges are developed and evaluated. The project is funded by the german Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


  • A novel SDN/NFV Security Architecture
  • Migration from legacy to SDN Networks
  • SDN Control Plane Security
  • SDN Security Analysis and Best Practices
  • Performance analysis of security VNFs