13:30, Room 0406 [mehr]

https://www.ei.tum.de/en/lmt/team/staff/hofbauer-markus/student-thesis/ [mehr]

https://www.ei.tum.de/en/lmt/team/staff/hofbauer-markus/student-thesis/ [mehr]

Speaker: Markus Hofbauer Teledriving is a possible fallback mode to cope with failures of fully autonomous vehicles. One important requirement for teleoperated vehicles is a reliable low delay data transmission solution, which adapts to the current network conditions to provide... [mehr]

Speaker: Thomas Kerndlmaier With the rapid development of convolutional neural network (CNN), CNN has been adopted in many compressed image enhancement approaches and achieve the state-of-the-art performance. Existing approaches need to be trained separately for a specific... [mehr]

Speaker: Kai Cui Image/video enhancement is a critical component of image acquisition/processing pipelines. Motivated by the special characteristics of the inter-channel correlation and general characteristics of distorted color images, a 3-stage convolutional neural network... [mehr]