Current Supervision

Doctoral Thesis Advisor

  1. Mohammad Mahvari, Communication and Sensing. 2021-
  2. Francesca Diedolo, Short Reach Optical Communications. 2021-
  3. Ayman Zahr, Coding and Modulation for Free-Space Optical Links. 2021- (joint with DLR)
  4. Yusuf Şener, Coding for Multi-user Communications. 2020- (joint with Huawei)
  5. Abdalla Ibrahim, Identification Capacity and Codes. 2019- (with C. Deppe)
  6. Mohammad Salariseddigh, Identification Capacity and Codes. 2019- (with C. Deppe)
  7. Diego Lentner, Information Theory and Codes for Security. 2019-
  8. Tayyab Mehmood, Coding and Constellation Shaping for Optical Communication. 2019- (joint with DTU)
  9. Emna Ben Yacoub, Quantized Message Passing and Codes for Multi-user Communication. 2018-
  10. Thomas Wiegart, Polar Codes and Shaping. 2018-
  11. Mustafa Coşkun, Low-latency Coding and Channel Estimation. 2017- (joint with DLR)
  12. Delcho Donev, Low-latency Waveforms and Coding. 2017- (joint with DLR)
  13. Javier García, Fiber Optic Channels. 2016-
  14. Tobias Prinz, Polar Codes. 2016-
  15. Peihong Yuan, Polar Codes. 2015-

Postdoc / Habilitation

  1. Christian Deppe, Habilitation on Post Shannon Theory. 2020-
  2. Uzi Pereg, Quantum Information Theory. 2020- (with C. Deppe)
  3. Roberto Ferrara, Quantum Communications. 2018- (with C. Deppe)

Past Supervision

Dr. Ing. / Ph.D. (19 Dr.-Ing. & 1 Ph.D.)

  1. Andrei Nedelcu, 2012-2021; Compact and Massive MIMO
  2. Amir Ahmadian, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2020; Precoding Algorithms for Massive MIMO Wireless Systems
  3. Patrick Schulte, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2020; Algorithms for Distribution Matching
  4. Thomas Jerkovits, 2016-2020; Channel and Security Coding
  5. Fabian Steiner, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2020; Coding for Higher-Order Modulation and Probabilistic Shaping
  6. Lars Palzer, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2019; Rate-Distortion Analysis of Sparse Sources and Compressed Sensing
  7. Marcin Pikus, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2019; Finite-Precision and Multi-Stream Distribution Matching
  8. Rana Ali Amjad, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2019; Information Theory and Factor Graphs for Machine Learning
  9. Markus Staudacher, 2014-2019; Quantized Precoding for Massive MIMO
  10. Onur Günlü, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2018; Key Agreement with PUFs and Biometric Identifiers
  11. Stefan Dierks, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2018; Multiple Antenna Precoding: Indoor Communications and EIRP
  12. Hannes Bartz, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2017; Algebraic Decoding of Subspace and Rank-Metric Codes
  13. Markus Stinner, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2016; Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes on the BEC
  14. Marwa El Hefnaway, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2015; Spectral Efficiency of Faster-than-Nyquist Signals
  15. Joschi Brauchle, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2015; Decoding of Reed-Solomon and Related Codes
  16. Michael Heindlmaier, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2015; Network Coding for Relay and Broadcast Channels
  17. Onurcan İşcan, Dr. Ing.-TUM, 2015; Communications for Two-Way Relaying
  18. Hassan Ghozlan, Ph.D. USC, 2014; Channels with Nonlinearity and Phase Noise
  19. Tobias Lutz, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2014; Coding for Half-Duplex Relay Networks
  20. Ronald Böhnke, Dr.-Ing. Universität Bremen, 2014; MIMO-OFDM Communications
  21. Jie Hou, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2014; Coding for Relay Networks and Effective Secrecy
  22. Mohit Thakur, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2014; Relay Positioning for Multicast Relay Networks
  23. Georg Zeitler, Dr.-Ing. TUM, 2012; Low-Precision Quantizer Design for Communications

Postdoc / Habilitation

  1. Georg Böcherer, Dr.-Ing. habil., 2013-2017; Postdoc, 2012-13; joined Huawei in Paris
  2. Bernhard Geiger, Postdoc, 2014-17; joined Know-Center GmbH in Graz
  3. Yongpeng Wu, Postdoc, 2017; joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University as Research Prof.
  4. Youlong Wu, Postdoc, 2014-17; joined ShanghaiTech University as Assistant Prof.
  5. Roy Timo, Postdoc, 2014-16; joined Ericsson in Stockholm
  6. Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti, 2012-16; joined University of Pennsylvania as Assistant Prof.
  7. Mansoor Yousefi, Postdoc, 2012-16; joined Telecom ParisTech as Assistant Prof.
  8. Luca Barletta, Postdoc, 2012-15; joined Politecnico di Milano as Assistant Prof.
  9. Stefano Rini, Postdoc, 2011-12; joined National Chiao-Tung Univ. as Assistant Prof.
  10. Christoph Hausl, Habilitation, 2010-13; joined Rohde & Schwarz in Munich

Short Courses & Tutorials

Ferienakademie Sarntal, Südtirol, two-week course (9 in total, recent courses listed)

  • Advanced Topics in Information Theory and Communications (Doctoral Course), Sep-Oct 2021
  • Machine Learning in Signal Processing & Communications (Bachelor & Master students), Sep-Oct 2019
  • Redundancy & Irrelevance in Source & Channel Coding (Bachelor & Master students), Sep-Oct 2018

Advanced Information Theory (23 in total, recent courses listed)

  • short course (1 week), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, Mar 2018