Oberseminar Laufende Arbeiten MMK und AIP

Die Vorträge finden im Seminarsaal N0116 statt.
Vom 01.08.-31.08. finden jeweils keine Vorträge statt.

Aktueller Termin

Dienstag, 04.08.2020, 14:00 Uhr, Online Zoom-Meeting

  • Endkolloquium Bachelorarbeit, Melvin Goh (Herzog)

    Person Re-Identification on Synthetic Data

Termine unter Vorbehalt

Dienstag, xx.xx.2020, 14:00 Uhr

  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Xianrui Niu (Herzog)
    Gait-based Person Re-Identification for Multiple Camera Tracking
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Florian Kälber (Köpüklü)
    Anomaly Detection for Visual Inspection Tasks in Industial Applications
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Xunbo Ji (Herzog)
    Towards Real-Time Person Re-Identification in Multiple Camera Tracking
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Mohamed Elkadeem (Knoche)
    Generating Face-Tracklets from Multi-Camera datasets and adapting a Face-Recognition Network for multiple faces from different camera angles
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Sai Lam Loo (Hörmann)
    GAN-based synthetic thorax GT generation
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Zhibing Xia (Hörmann)
    Robust Face Recognition for faces degraded by text overlay
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Syed Sha Qutub (Herzog)
    Evaluation of Synthetic Datasets and their Influence on Performance Metrics of DNNs
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Zeen Song (Li)
    Combination of Deep Neural Vector Quantizer and Deep Neural Network
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Niklas Müller (Rettinger)
    VR-based training for handling dialysis machines
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Mohamed Nabil Babai (Köpüklü)
    Quality Assessment of Deep Learning Architectures on Video Classification Task
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Ali Khan (Teepe)
    Camera-based Gait Recognition and Re-Identification with Pose Tracking
  • Endkolloquium Bachelorarbeit, Melvin Goh (Herzog)
    Person Re-Identification on Synthetic Data
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Wenjian Zhao (Hörmann)
    Within-Network Information Fusion for Set-Based Face Recognition
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Yinan Shi (Köpüklü)
    Real Time Spatiotemporal Action Localization
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Roland Bode (Köpüklü)
    3D Object Detection Using Temporal Information in Video Streams
  • Endkolloquium Bachelorarbeit, Selin Kesler (Köpüklü)
    Entwicklung und Integration eines Interpreters für aktive und intuitive Passanten Gesten
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Jiapeng Zheng (Köpüklü)
    Contrastive Loss for Driver Anomaly Detection Using Continuous Video Streams