Oberseminar Laufende Arbeiten MMK und AIP

Die Vorträge finden im Seminarsaal N0116 statt.
Terminabsprache: Tina Römpp
Vom 01.08.-31.08. finden jeweils keine Vorträge statt.

Aktueller Termin

Dienstag, 28.01.2020, 14:00 Uhr

  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, David Lichtenwalter (Herzog)
    Deep multimodal learning for problem prediction in prototype manufacturing
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Shuai Ke (Köpüklü)
    Gait Cycle Prediction for Gait Recognition
  • Endkolloquium Bachelorarbeit, Hassan Kamel (Herzog)
    Gait Recognition on a Linux-based Smart Home Camera

Dienstag, 04.02.2020, 14:30 Uhr

  • Zwischenkolloquium Masterarbeit, Iustina Andronic (Kürzinger, Prof. Seeber)
    Investigating audio compression as countermeasure against adversarial noise on attention-based End-to-End Speech Recognition systems

Dienstag, 18.02.2020, 14:00 Uhr, N6507, Seminarraum AIP

  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Bei Shen (Prof. Seeber)
    Intelligent diagnostic methods for hearing faults in the electric powertrain system for autonomous vehicles

Termine unter Vorbehalt

Dienstag, xx.xx.2020, 14:00 Uhr

  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Zhengxiang Cao (Hörmann)
    Image Aggregation for Video Face Recognition
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Ekri Igdir (Köpüklü)
    CNN based Framework for Person Re-identification in Videos
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Yuankai Wu (Köpüklü.)
    Tracklet Association For Multiple Object Tracking
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Ziyu Wang (Hörmann)
    Predictive Health Monitoring for Powertrain
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Edgar Chavez Rosas (Kürzinger)
    Adversarial Training for Attention-Based ASR
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Yeting Dong (Herzog)
    Multiple Person Tracking in Non-Overlapping Video Streams
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Arka Bhowmich (Hörmann)
    Face Texture Generation with Deep Generative Networks for 3D Modelling
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Carina Vogl (Kürzinger)
    Klassifikation von Fahrmanövern
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Iustina Andronic (Prof. Seeber / Kürzinger)
    Simulated Room Audio Adversarial Examples for Attention-based Speech Recognition
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Xianrui Niu (Herzog)
    Gait-based Person Re-Identification for Multiple Camera Tracking
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Florian Kälber (Köpüklü)
    Anomaly Detection for Visual Inspection Tasks in Industial Applications
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Xunbo Ji (Herzog)
    Towards Real-Time Person Re-Identification in Multiple Camera Tracking
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Zeyuan Zhang (Hörmann)
    Partial Face Recognition
  • Endkolloquium Bachelorarbeit, Su Jin Kim (Hörmann)
    Multinational Banknote Recognition and Classification Based on Binarized Neural Networks and Contact Image Sensor
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Mohamed Elkadeem (Knoche)
    Generating Face-Tracklets from Multi-Camera datasets and adapting a Face-Recognition Network for multiple faces from different camera angles
  • Endkolloquium Bachelorarbeit, Yejin Kim (Köpüklü)
    Multi-Currency Region-of-Interest Detection and Serial Number Recognition Based on Binarized Neural Networks: An empirial study
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Sai Lam Loo (Hörmann)
    GAN-based synthetic thorax GT generation
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Zhibing Xia (Hörmann)
    Robust Face Recognition for faces degraded by text overlay
  • Endkolloquium Masterarbeit, Syed Sha Qutub (Herzog)
    Evaluation of Synthetic Datasets and their Influence on Performance Metrics of DNNs