Required documents for applying (upload)

Application Form

After completing your online application, you will be able to download your application form.
Print the form, sign it, and upload it.


You have to upload a copy of your passport when you create your TUMonline account.

Preliminary Record Examination issued by uni-assist for non-EU Applicants (VPD)

Applicants who have obtained their qualification for postgraduate studies (i.e. a bachelor's degree) in a country outside of the EU/EEA need to have their documents processed by uni-assist.

Uni-assist generates a preliminary record examination (VPD), which determines whether applicants qualify for postgraduate studies in Germany.

Applicants with a qualification for postgraduate studies obtained in Switzerland do not need a preliminary evaluation.

To apply for this preliminary evaluation, please submit your documents to uni-assist e.V within the relevant application period. Please be sure to send your preliminary evaluation to TUM as soon as you receive it.

Verification of your documents with uni-assist does not qualify as an application for TUM.

You will need to apply to TUM via TUMonline before the relevant application deadline.

More information on uni-assist

Curriculum Vitae

Include an up-to-date (!) version of your CV in table form.
Make sure, your education, projects, and professional experience are clearly stated.
The length of the CV should not exceed two (maximum three!) pages.

Transcript of Records or Bachelor Degree (certified)

If you have already graduated please upload your Bachelor (or equivalent) degree.
Otherwise, please sumbit your latest transcript of records.
Your overall grade (CGPA) and the grading system should be clearly visible.

This document must be upload as an authenticated copy. See the main page of the application requirements for details.

If the original document was not issued in German or English, you have to upload an authenticated copy of the translated document (to German or English) as well.
However, it is not sufficient to send the translation only.

List of all Credits in Excel-Form Sheet (MSPE)

TUM Online is prompting you to provide a filled Excel form sheet (mandatory document). This form sheet is helping assessment boards processing transcript information based on a mainly uniform format and layout. Therefore, we ask all applicants to fill the excel form sheet. Most of the prompted information is available in your transcript. You may use the comment-section to add additional remarks to the assessment boards. Based on the huge number of overall applications, we are not able to assist in filling this form sheet.

Download of Excel form sheet for Transcript Analysis in the Downloads Section.

Applicants who already received an admission letter based on previoius year MSPE application but who finally deferred (only those applicants!):
Instead of a "List of all Credits in Excel-Form Sheet", applicants may upload the admission letter or a personal letter explaining their re-application status.

Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose (letter of motivation) is your cover letter of your application.
The layout requirements are: one page, DIN A4 or letter format if available, 12pt, single spacing.
A template is available for download in the Downloads Section. If you write more then one page you will get less points for your letter.

It must contain a declaration stating that you wrote it yourself without any auxiliary means other than the ones indicated and that everything you wrote is true to the best of your knowledge.

Tell us about your purpose why you are interested in Power Engineering at TUM. State why you think that you are qualified and why we should select you for the program. In addition you should also write about your projects, research internships etc.

The statement of purpose has to be written in English, even if you speak German.

Two Letters of Reference

You require two letters of reference by two people (only university professors) who are acquainted with your work during your Bachelor studies. Please use the official MSPE form. Download the official form for the letters of reference on your website. All pages must bear your referee's signature and stamp.

Please do not ask your referees to send their letters of reference directly to us. We will not be able to assign them to your application.

Furthermore, it is not sufficient just to provide a contact to a person who agreed to write a recommendation letter. In the assessment process, we need a letter which has been uploaded by applicant in TUM Online application system.

In case you are not able to provide such a letter, kindly upload a sheet that you are not going to provide recommendation letters / only one letter instead of two letters, helping TUM to process your application. Missing recommendation letters will be considered with zero-score in the corresponding category.

If you upload more than two letters of reference the reviewers of your application will randomly pick two of them and discard the others. If you upload only one letter of reference you will receive 0 points for the missing letter during the assessment process.

Proof of Proficiency in the English Language

The following documents providing your proficiency in the English language are accepted:

  • An original document issued by your university stating the medium of instruction during your Bachelor studies was English. The confirmation has to be sealed.
  • TOEFL score report
    • The minimum scores are:
      • 88 (ibT)
      • 605 (PbT)
    • An authenticated copy or the original document submitted by yourself or the TOEFL office is accepted. Please see here for more information about notarization.
    • TOEFL-code: university: 7806; department: 99
    • TOEFL ITP is not accepted.
  • IELTS (Academic) score report
    • The minimum score is 6.5 (overall score)
    • An authenticated copy or the original document submitted by yourself or the IELTS office is accepted. 
  • University of Cambridge Examination (ESOL) score report
    • Required grades are A, B, or C in CAE or CPE.
    • An authenticated copy or original document submitted by yourself or the institution issuing the document is accepted.

For further information please see here.

Proof of Proficiency in the German Language (Optional)

During your studis you can acquire German language skills e.g. by attending lectures offered in German language or by taking a dedicated German language course at the TUM Language Center.

GRE / GATE (optional)

Copy of GRE / GATE certificates.