High Voltage Technology - Fundamentals

Module number: EI8030

Duration: 1 Semester

Recurrence: Winter semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Myriam Koch

Amount of work

Class attendance: 60

Private study: 90

Total: 150

Course work and exam formalities

Written examination, 60 min.


Generation and measurement of high voltages, electrostatic fields and field stress control, electrical breakdown in gases, breakdown in solid and liquid dielectrics, flashover along interphases, partial discharges, transients on transmission lines

Learning outcome

At the end of the module studens are able to understand the principles to generate high voltages, the methods to calculate and grade electrostatic fields and the mechanisms of partial discharges and breakdown of dielectrics. Further, students are able to understand the fundamentals of the propagation of transients on transmission lines.




- Presentations

- Script/handout

- Exercises as download


The following text books are recommended:

- Kuffel, E.; Zaengl, W.S., Kuffel, J.: High Voltage Engineering: Fundamentals, Elsevier Science 2000

- Arora, R.; Mosch W.: High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering, Wiley 2011