Integration of Renewable Energies

Module number: EI70860

Duration: 1 Semester

Recurrence: Winter semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Dr. Kuhn / Prof. Hamacher

Amount of work

Class attencance: 45

Private study: 105


Course work and exam formalities

Written exam, 60 min.


- Introduction to the mechanisms of electrical power supply

- structures of power plant portfolios and their characteristics

- market mechanisms in relation to generation from renewable sources

- prognosis models for wind and solar electricity grid fee in

- influence of renewables on required amounts of reserve and control power

Learning outcome

At the end of the module, students are able to:

- understand the mechanisms of electrical power supply,

- analyse the influence of renewable power generation on operation of the conventional power plant park

- assess renewable power generation in relation to electricity markets and the demand of regualtion power


Module Renewable Energy Technology (part I)


Blackboard, slides, manuscript

Teaching and studying methods

In lectures, teacher-centred teaching is applied. In addition students have to perform reading assignments.