Introduction to Nuclear Energy

Module number: MW0799

Duration: 1 Semester

Recurrence: Winter semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Rafael Macián-Juan

Amount of work

Class attendance: 45

Private study: 105

Total: 150

Course work and exam formalities

written exam, 90 min., mixed short questions and calculations


Objective: The course will present a basic view on Nuclear Energy as a general introduction to the topic. The main aspects of Nuclear Engineering: 

- the motivation of nuclear energy

- the history of nuclear energy

- the interaction of radiation with matter

- nuclear reactions

- nuclear fission and the chain reaction

- introduction to nuclear reactor theory

- heat removal from nuclear reactors

- power reactor dynamics

- nuclear reactor materials

- basic concepts in radioactivity

- basic concepts in radioactivity protection

- basic concepts in reactor safety

- nuclear reactor accidents

- the nuclear fuel cycle

- generation IV nuclear power plant design

- nuclear fusion reactors

Learning outcome

At the end of the module the students are able to understand:

- how nuclear energy is produced today

- the physical principles in which the production of nuclear energy is based

- how nuclear power systems work

- basic concepts of radiation and radiation protection

- the basis of nuclear safety

- the economic, issues and prospects of nuclear power today and in future


profound knowledge in physics and mathematics


Scriptum: printed copy of lectures, printed material from internet, photocopies of additional material form literature, drawings on hardboard


D. Bodanski: Nuclear Energy

J.K. Shultis, R.E. Faw: Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Energy

J.R. Lamarsh, A.J. Baratta: Introduction to Nuclear Energy

Teaching and studying methods

Classes with projeced material (presentations), intensive use of whiteboard to clearify concepts

Interactiv class: students are encouraged to ask the professor also the professor asks frequently the students