Laboratory Course on High Voltage Technology

Module number: EI8035

Duration: 1 Semester

Reccurence: Summer semester

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Myriam Koch

Amount of work

Class attencance: 60

Private study: 90


Course work and exam formalities

The module examination consists of eight submodule examinations of equal weight:

Each of the six lab course experiments (practical classes) is associated with a submodule examination with the following relative weights:

- written qualification test (15 min.), 30 %

- performance during labcourse experiment, 70 %

Two further submodule examinations are associated to the written test report of 3 labcourse experiments.

The "written qualification" test" aims to test the acquisition of knowledge. The submodule examination "Performance during labcourse experiments" examines the competence to apply the theoretical knowledge to the labcourse experiment. By the submodule examination "written test report" is examined the ability to document and display high voltage experiments and results and to discuss the results in the view of the theoretical background.


Safety instructions, lab course experiments in high voltage laboratory using high voltage kits covering the following topics:

  • High Voltage Measurement
  • Breakdown Performance of Air Gaps
  • Dielectric Strength of Insulating Gases
  • Measurement of High Voltage with Voltage Dividers
  • Partial Discharges
  • Traveling Waves

Learning outcome

At the end of the module students are able to build up test circuits to perform high voltage tests and dielectric tests, to write a test report and to explain the basic phenomena which are obsverved in the tests performed. Students are able to transform theoretical knowledge into practical application within the experiment.


It is recommended to have passed the following modules: High Voltage Technology


Safety instructions, manual, test stands in the laboratory


Kind, D.; Feser, K.: High-Voltage Test Techniques. Newnes; 2nd revised and enlarged edition (2001)

Teaching and studying methods

In addition to the students' individual methods of learning, a deepening of the knowledge shall be achieved by practical training in the lab with high voltage kits. The method of teaching will be an individual teaching in small groups directly in the lab.