Research Internship

Duration: 1 Semester

Recurrence: Winter semester and summer semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 12


Head of the respective chair.

For an external internship you need a TUM professor as a supervisor.

Course work and exam formalities

Examination with the following elements:

- results of the work compared to the goals as defined in the beginning (25%)

- written summary of the results (35%)

- progress of the work, discussion with the advisor (research assistant) (20%)

- presentation of the results (15 minutes) and discussion (5-10 minutes) (20%)


- Students are involved in a current research topic at the respective institute

- for nine weeks, they are working mainly independently on a small self-contained project

- in recurring discussions with their advisor, they report the progress of their work and provided with assistance

- in a short written report (max. 20 pages), the summarise their work and their results

- at the end, they present the results of their work to their advisor and other students.

Learning outcome

At the end of the module, students are able to

- carry out engineer-like project work independently

- formulate the problem definition and their approach and present the results of their work in both and written and oral form.

In addition, they expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in the respective field.

Teaching and study methods

- The students gain ingsight into the daily work of an engineer.

- Their advisors provide tehm with a general overview of the topic, assist them with the problem formulation, supply them with literature and discuss the progression of the work with the students. Nonetheless, students should work as independently as possible.

- The students have to find an approach to the given problem, develop a solution, carry out measruements or experiments, document their work in written form and present results at the end.

- The task is clearly narrowed down to a specific topic such that it can be solved within the given period of nine weeks.