Seminar Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

Module Number: EI77001

Duration: 1 Semester

Recurrence: Winter and summer semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Sebastian Steinhorst

Amount of work

Contact hours: 45

Self-study hours: 105

Total: 150

Description of Achievement and Assessment Methods

Achievement of the intended learning outcomes is assessed by submitting a written seminar paper (50% of the grade) and an oral presentation with discussion (50% of the grade) of the assigned topic.

(Recommended) Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of LaTeX typesetting for the seminar paper; interest in and basic understanding of embedded systems and surrounding topics such as the Internet of Things; attendance of the lecture “System Design for the Internet of Things” is beneficial but not required.


In this seminar, current topics from the area of Embedded Systems and Internet of Things are discussed among the participants, based on prepared seminar papers and oral presentations. A structured introduction into scientific literature regarding paper reading, literature research and scientific writing is given and a discussion and reflection both regarding the scientific contents as well as the presented writing and presentation techniques will be encouraged. The participants are enabled to independently perform all required steps to present a scientific topic in form of a review paper and an oral presentation.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Each participant prepares a seminar paper and presents it among the participants of the seminar. In the introductory parts of the seminar, in which the required skills are built up, students are instructed in a teacher-centered style, integrating interactive components. The remainder of the seminar is held in a student-centered way, encouraging learning activities and providing formative feedback.


- Presentations (Projector, Blackboard) - Seminar proceedings based on the seminar papers prepared by the participants - E-learning platform Moodle


A scientific paper per topic will be provided to each participant of the seminar.