Seminar on Energy Storage Technologies

Module number: EI8042

Duration: 1 Semester

Recurrence: Winter and summer semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 5


Professor in charge: Andreas Jossen

Amount of work

Class attendance: 45

Private study: 105

Total: 150

Course work and exam formalities

Examination with the following parts:

Regular discussions with the associated supervisor (mostly research associates) considering the progress of the student's research and upcoming steps. Opportunity of presenting intermediate results before the final presentation. Final presentation (15 minutes) and subsequent discussion (10 minutes) of results on a given date. Written report based on the performed research (mostly literature based), according to a provided template and a restricted number of pages.

Evaluation of examination:

60% oral (presentation and discussion) / 40% written (report). Summing up the credits of all parts determines whether the examination is passed or failed.


The participants of the module independently elaborate scientific articles regarding current research topics in the field of energy storage technologies. In the due course they will be predominantly supported by research associates of the institutes. The results of the performed research work will be recorded by the students in written form (report) and finally presented to a plenum of research staff. A list of available topics for the respective semester will be provided via the institute's website before the beginning of the semester.

Learning outcome

After participating in the module, the students are capable of independently elaborating scientific problems in the field of energy storage technologies and subsequently presenting the acquired results to a scientific plenum and finally discussing these results on a scientific basis.


Recommended prerequisites:

- Basic knowledge considering energy storage technologies

This knowledge can be acquired via participating in the following module:

Energy Storage


Computer based presentations

Teaching and learning methods

Every participant of the module independently elaborates a distinct problem. Every participant of the module will be provided with a supervisor. The respective supervisor guides the student via provinding relevant literature at the beginning of the module, advising the student during the course of literature research and guiding the students in setting up the report as well as giving advice in presenting the results.