Seminar on Power Transmission

Module Number: EI8038

Duration: 1 Semester

Recurrence: winter and summer semester

Language: English


Professor in charge: Rolf Witzmann

Amount of work

Class attendance: 30

Private study: 120

Total: 150

Course work and exam formalities

The module examination consists of two (2) elements of assessment with the following relative weights:

- Presentation (15 minutes) and discussion (10 minutes): 60 %

- Abstract (150 words) and Executive Summary (1 page, 12 pt): 40 %

By the delivery of the "Presentation" the ability is tested to understand a technical/scientific subject, to analyse and evaluate facts and factors of influence, to summarize the subject and present it to an audience, and to stand a discussion about the presented subject. By written summaries the ability is tested to summarise the major facts and the conclusion of a presentation in clear and concise manner, both in a short abstract (150 words) as well as in a 1-page Executive Summary.


The students elaborate scientific contributions on topics in the field of electric power transmission and distrubution. In their work the students get support from a supervisor (scientific assistant). The students are delivering a presentation summarizing the results of their work. A list of the possible topics will be made available at the institute's homepage at the beginning of the semester.

Learning outcome

At the end of the module students are able to elaborate scientifically on a specific question in the field of electric power transmission and distribution and finally to present the results to an audience and to stand a relevant discussion. In addition, they are able to summarize the essence of a specific topic in a written form, i.e. both in an abstract and an executive summary.


The following modules should have been passed successfully:

Power Transmission Systems


The following media will be applied:

- Computer aided presentation

Teaching and studying methods

Each participant of the module elaborates an individual task in the field of interest. A supervisor (scientific assistant) is allocated to each participant of the module. The supervisor supports the student by making available a summary of suitable literature, by helping to start work on the topic, by motivating to search for more specific literature, by giving hints for the specific work and for the elaboration of the final presentation as well.