Wind Tunnel Testing of Wind Turbines

Module Number: MW2285

Duration: 1 Semester

Reccurence: Winter Semester

Language: English

Number of ECTS: 4


Professor in charge: Carlo Bottasso

Amount of Work

Contact hours: 30

Self-study hours: 90

Total: 120

Course work and exam formalities

Students will be evaluated on an individual basis based on participation and from the output of the last assignment. The last assignment will need to be presented in the last session. Type of Assessment Presentation, 60 min.


Knowledge of principles of engineering mechanics and aerodynamics. Basic knowledge on working principles of wind energy technology is preferable, but not mandatory.


The course goal is to introduce students to the methods and techniques used for conducting experimental measurements in a wind tunnel, with application to wind energy systems. After an overview on wind tunnels and measurement techniques and equipment, students will learn how to design models of wind turbines. The course will illustrate the process of scaling down a large wind turbine into a small scale model, its aerodynamic and electro-mechanical design, as well as the design of its onboard sensors and data acquisition system. Students will work on a practical assignment, where they will learn how to process actual measurements obtained in wind tunnel experiments, analyzing wind turbine performance, wake behavior and other quantities of interest.

Learning outcome

After successfully completing the course, students will have a basic understanding of wind tunnels and of the measurement techniques used in wind tunnel experiments. Furthermore, students will have a general understanding of the use of scaled models for wind energy applications, and of their design and operation. After the completion of the course, MSc thesis projects may be offered to interested students.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Workshop"The following kinds of media are used:- Class room lectures with and without the use of PC- Lecture notes (handouts)- Exercises"

Reading List

Course material will be provided by the instructor.Additional recommended literature:" T. Burton, N. Jenkins, D. Sharpe, E. Bossanyi, Wind Energy Handbook, Wiley, 2011." J. F. Manwell, J.G. McGowan, A.L. Rogers, Wind Energy Explained, Theory, Design and Application, Wiley, 2012.