„To further strengthen the company’s ability to serve as a blade technology specialist, PolyTech has acquired
the German company fos4X, a Munich-based innovator of fiber optic sensor technology and data analytics.
As a founder, I could not wish for a better match. As part of PolyTech, our intelligent sensor and software solutions will be further developed and the fos4X vision of abundant clean energy will be driven even more strongly than before, says Lars Hoffman, CEO fos4X.“ (Source: www.fos4x.com, as of October 13, 2020)

Das Team um Arsalan Haider gewann mit dem Paper „Integration of Phase Noise into a Virtual Test Driving Software to Investigate the Impact on the Radar Performance“ den 3. Platz im „young scientist contest“
der IRS 2020, International Radar Symposium, 5-8 Oktober 2020, Warschau, Polen

The publication "Methane emissions from the Munich Oktoberfest" from Jia Chen, Florian Dietrich et al.
is selected as a highlight article in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
It is featured by Nature as Research Highlight and also highlighted
by Science Magazine and American Geophyscial Union's Eos.
The methane investigation for Munich and Oktoberfest has been also covered in the media:
The Guardian, BR Rundschau, Süddeutsche, die Welt.