Principles of Information Engineering

Lecturer: Hela Jedda

Target Audience: Bachelor/Master Management and Technology

Language: English

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Additional Information: TUMonline and Moodle


Lectures/Exercises in Summer Semester 2020

Thursday 15:00 – 18:15 N0314
First lecture: Tuesday, 2020-04-23


The module is designed for non-engineering students (in particular students in Management and Technology) who aim at understanding the fundamental principles and concepts of modern information transmission and processing. It consists of lectures, tutorials, and self-study.



  • Elements of Stochastic Modeling and Analysis
  • Signals (analog/digital, deterministic/stochastic, real/complex)
  • The Frequency Domain (Fourier transform, spectrum and bandwidth, sampling theorem)
  • Information Theory (fundamentals, source coding, channel coding, channel capacity)

Information Transmission and Storage Systems:

  • Elements of Data Transmission (transmission chain, filtering, modulation, detection)
  • Communication Systems (real systems compared to theory, channel models, performance criteria, comparison to data storage, current trends)
  • Communication Networks (network structures, interference, broadcast and multiple access, multihop and relaying, abstraction layers, network planning)

Elements of Information Processing:

  • Data Processing Devices (abstraction layers, real systems compared to theory, digital processing, algorithms and complexity)
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis (sampling and quantization, information and noise modeling, feature extraction, machine learning)
  • Security Aspects (reliability, security, secrecy, encryption)