Exhibition Nano- and Biotechnology

Exploring the smallest of all possible worlds Scientists have started exploring a new cosmos.

This long-neglected world is on a scale far below that of objects visible under optical microscopes:
smaller than bacteria, but larger than individual atoms and molecules.

This universe, measured in nanometres – billionths of a metre, reveals a wealth of complex structures, which actually form the foundation of the secret of life itself.

Biologists, chemists, physicists and researchers in material science are all working to understand and shape matter at this level with the aim of designing structures and systems on a nano scale.

Themes of the exhibition
Nanocosmos – everything different?

Introduction: How small is nano?

Discovering the smallest realms of life: Nanostructures are all around Exploring the nanocosm: You have to gain a picture!

Size does matter: Small particles – big effect! Form does matter: Molecular form is function

Biotechnology – genes and many other things
Deciphering the genetic information of life: The genome as a molecular library Understanding the molecular machinery of life: It’s not just the genes!"Genetic test" media station

Putting biological systems into service: Cells can be reprogrammed Cells, tissues or entire organisms: Biotechnology opens up new possibilities

Of Nanosystems, particles and the future
From simple to complex: Self-organization makes it possible! The physical production of nanosystems: Is there no end to smaller and smaller?

The chemical production of nanomaterials: From tried-and-tested to high-tech

What counts in the end is the benefit: Nano is more than a vision The Nano-Oracle

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