IAS Workshop:

Advances in Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis, Garching, Germany
Advances in Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis International Workshop in Garching 

Time: July 21-22, 2011
Place: Institute of Advanced Study (IAS), Campus Garching

The international workshop "Advances in Photovoltaics and Photocatalysis" is part of the "Deutsch-Italienische Dialoge 2011", a program of the Deutsch-Italienische Hochschulzentrum / Ateneo Italo-Tedesco (see  announcement flyer).

The workshop will deal with two approaches to energy conversion, namely photovoltaics and photocatalysis.

In particular, new generation solar cells, water splitting and CO2 reduction for solar fuel production will be discussed.

In order to present a coherent overview and to maximize interaction and discussion, the workshop will have only invited contributions with a total of approximately 20 talks.

A poster session will be organized for young researchers who want to present their results.

Deadline for poster submission is July 8th, 2011.

For registration, poster submission and workshop program please refer to  www.nano.ei.tum.de/iwapp.


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