Paolo Lugli
Area 1 - Quantum Nanophysics - Research at NIM

Prof. Rudolf Gross

Deputy Coordinators: Prof. Wilhelm Zwerger, Prof. Immanuel Bloch

Principal Investigators:
TUM, WSI G. Abstreiter, M. Amann, J. Finley, A. Holleitner
LMU I. Bloch, T. Hänsch, A. Högele, S. Ludwig,L. Pollet, M. Punk, U. Schollwöck, J. von Delft, H. Weinfurter
MPQ J. Cirac, G Rempe WMI S. Gönnenwein, R. Gross
Uni Augsburg P. Hänggi, A. Wixforth
TUM P. Lugli, W. Zwerger
Quantum Nanophysics Research at NIM
Modeling and understanding nanosystems on the quantum physics level are prerequisites for applying nanosystems to hybrid devices, to energy conversion as well as to biomolecular and biomedical systems. Research Area I scientists therefore have made it their goal to thoroughly analyze quantum nanosystems as well as to develop techniques for their realization, manipulation and control.

They systematically investigate quantum systems based on solid-state nanostructures and also tailor-made systems composed of interacting particles trapped in optical lattices.

These research efforts particulary focuses on

  • the design of nanoscale quantum materials as well as understanding the mechanisms of these systems,
  • the development of hybrid quantum nanosystems, in which different quantum functionalities are selectively combined,
  • the investigation of non-equilibrium dynamics in the quantum limit
  • the foundations of quantum X-tronic circuits (X here stands for electric charge, spin, photon, etc.)