08.11.2016 @ 18:00 s.t., Room N1812
Status Assessment Professor Christian Jirauschek
"Modeling and design of unconventional laser sources for innovative applications"

Lasers play a central role for many applications in metrology andsensing, biomedical optics, materials processing, as well as communications.

The advancement in these fields is directly linked to the emergence of novellaser sources with unconventional properties.

For the further development ofthese sources, reliable simulation models are needed, allowing for animproved understanding of the operating principles and systematic designoptimization.

In this talk, I will discuss multidomain simulation approaches forquantum cascade lasers, which are nanostructured semiconductor lasers forthe terahertz and mid-infrared regime, enabling innovative applications inmetrology and sensing.

Furthermore, I will address the modeling of Fourierdomain mode-locked lasers, which are rapidly and widely wavelength-sweptfiber laser sources for high-speed retinal imaging and dynamic sensing.