A new review article by our PhD student Lennart Weiß is now online. The review focuses on the opportunities and challenges of single impact electrochemistry as a detection framework applicable beyond the research laboratory. The paper was published in Current Opinion in... [mehr]

We have a new opening for a Master's project on classification of stroke types with neural networks and classical machine learning techniques. The project is aimed towards a passive brain computer interface (BCI) using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and... [mehr]

We have two new projects for Bachelor's/Master's thesis: Implantable Neural Interfacing : This project aims at evaluating the use of discrete signals to trigger a neural response by modulating the period and duty cycle of the signal, creating different stimulation patterns,... [mehr]

During her one week research visit, Bhawana will work in the laboratory of Prof. Wendy Lee Queen  at EPFL, Sion campus in Switzerland. The research visit is a part of her secondment under the EuroTechPostdoc Programme. Bhawana will work on the characterization of metal-organic... [mehr]

We have a new Master's project on paper-based microfluidics for detection of silver nanoparticles. The project is aimed towards fabrication of low-cost and easy-to-use devices for lab-on-a-chip applications. Details on the project can be found here. For a full overview of... [mehr]

For the next two weeks, Philipp will do research stay at University of South Australia, Adelaide. The stay is part of a DAAD-funded project aimed at developing printed sensors for the early diagnosis of pre-eclampsia. During his stay, Philipp will work together with Benjamin... [mehr]

Our first paper together with Prof. Schlichtmann's chair of Electronic Design Automation is now online. In a joint work, Philipp and Tsun-Ming (EDA) investigated how electronic design automation can be applied to increase the robustness of inkjet-printed electronics. The paper... [mehr]

Julian has started his internship and will begin his Master’s thesis in Feb 2020. Julian is developing a portable precision nanoparticle detection device for the real-time, on-site detection of silver nanoparticles as part of a research internship. Julian is studying electrical... [mehr]

Welcome, Emir!

We welcome Emir Music in our team. Emir is currently studying electrical engineering at TUM and has started working on his bachelor thesis in our group. His research focus is on the detection of silver nanoparticles using shielded microelectrode arrays. Welcome Emir! ... [mehr]

A new paper from our PhD student Leroy Grob in collaboration with Prof. Hirano-Iwata’s group, is now available online. In their joint work, they investigated the use of an electrohydrodynamic inkjet printer to form high-resolution 3D microelectrode arrays for in vitro... [mehr]